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The story behind Wednesday the Camel

Spring 2017 -In the spring of 2017 we were left with a load of moss after participating in the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s ‘Art in Bloom’ exhibit. The thought was to make a camel with the left over moss.

Never having made anything like this before took some planning and trial and error.  Eventually, a frame was made with rebar, metal and chicken wire, then the entire creation was filled with the moss. And a few plants were added.

June 2017- Wednesday the Camel is built!

The original idea was to put the camel out front decorated with plants for the summer.  Lots of people stopped and took pictures.

October 2017- he wears his first costume,   Halloween!!

September and November 2018- he shows his support for important causes. (One, at the request of one of his biggest fans)

December 2018- he is knocked over by some grinches, severly damaging Wednesday the Camel and breaking the hearts of many.
Thank you to all the people who left notes in the mailbox and stopped to express their dismay at the vandalism.

October 2019- after much planning and replanning and an outpouring of love, the reconstruction finally begins.

November 2019- Wednesday finally is moved to his proper place, is fully assembled and ready to celebrate the Bombers' Grey Cup victory.

Now- he is back to dressing up and bringing smiles!
Wednesday the Camel exists only to bring smiles to people’s faces.



Why is he called Wednesday?
The middle of the week is Wednesday, often called Hump day, camels have humps......Wednesday the Camel

How much does he weigh?
Less than what real camels weigh. We don't know for sure (he broke the bathroom scale) our guess is over 500 pounds.

What is he made of?
The original Wednesday was built with rebar, light gauge metal, chicken wire and filled with moss. After he was pushed over he needed to be totally rebuilt.
Now Wednesday is built from angle iron, other metal, chicken wire and he is filled with moss (the same moss from Wednesday the 1st and more).
Take a look at his Photo Gallery. There are pictures of him being built.

Where do you get his costumes?
All his costumes are hand made by his keepers from dollar store and thrift store items and some creative sewing talent.

Who built Wednesday?
His keepers, and no they are not professional sculptuers. Just creative (and probably a bit crazy).

What will his next costume be?
His keepers are never quit sure.

Where does he live?
The front lawn of his keepers on Wellington Cresent (near the corner of Lanark) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.



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